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  A DAY AT THE BEACH Guest blogger Kala Jerzy 7-24-17   When I was a teenage girl (about half my life ago...!), every summer my high school best friend used to travel to Europe to visit her relatives. And, every time she was there, she came back smelling like a sweet summer day. I loved the scent so much. Sometimes, she would share it with me, and one time, she even brought me a bottle. It was...
With winter approaching, many of us anticipate dealing with dry, itchy skin.  It is important to start moisturizing your skin early in the season, BEFORE it becomes too severe and uncomfortable.  A good daily regimen will do wonders to prevent dry skin from becoming unmanageable.  So how do we do this and maintain our busy schedules? Here are a few suggestions:   1.       Start in the shower –...
Nutrition is an important interest of mine, and I have been reading and researching new trends and topics for years.  I would like to share with my visitors a condensed version of what I have learned, and I have broken it down into a top ten list of steps to take for a healthier diet. I know the amount of information out there can be overwhelming.  In reality, it is not that complicated.  I am...
As you know, Good Earth Beauty is a natural shop that sells only products that are not tested on animals.  Personally, I am also very interested in where my food comes, particularly meat and dairy.  There is an organization known as "certified humane" that I am pleased to say does a lot of good in helping consumers make wise choices.  If you see the "certified humane" seal on meat or dairy you...
10% off 100% Pure - use code PURE10 when you shop A favorite brand of mine - wanted to share some of my personal experiences with some of these products: Glossy locks shampoo and conditioner - ultra moisturzing and nourishing and smells like the beach! I recommend using at every 3 or 4 shampoos - not everytime - as it does contain coconut oil which can weigh down your hair...
Here is another study to make us think again about what ingredients are in our cosmetics, and what companies we can trust to properly label their products. Good Earth Beauty only sells nail polish that is: *Formaldehyde Free*Toluene Free *DBP Free My 2 main brands are Priti and Gabriel Cosmetics.  I will be speaking with company owners to see if any independent testing has been done on their...
The FDA recently published an update to their 2007 study on lead in lipstick. Then they found lead in all 20 lipsticks sampled, up to 3.06 parts per million. In the updated study the FDA found lead in 400 lipsticks, ranging up to 7.19 parts per million and averaging 1.11 ppm. While all but the worst two lipsticks fell below California’s strict laws on unsafe lead levels, the Campaign for...
Argan oil is cold pressed from the nuts of the argan tree. Its medicinal and cosmetic benefits have been known by native Moroccans, where the tree grows, for centuries. Argan oil is especially rich in Vitamin E, phenols, and essential fatty acids. These are necessary to smooth, nourish, heal, and soften skin. Normally the main source of these nutrients for the skin is food. By applying products...
The FDA just came out with a list of 400 lipsticks that tested positive for lead!  Rest assured Good Earth Beauty does not carry any of the brands mentioned on this list! See the list here:   Just another reason to shop natural!  
I have dry hair. Very dry hair.  The only thing I have found to be effective is the use of large amounts of conditioner.  But I have always wanted a shampoo that doesn't make my hair instantly turn into a blob of rough, squeaky stuff, uncombable stuff.  I have finally discovered that there is an ingredient in shampoo that truly seems to help this - coconut oil.  I am sure it depends on how pure...



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