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Guest blogger – Gabby Davis 2.14.2018   Be the envy of all your friends with Nvey Eco Hydrating Lip Lustre Gloss. A dual-purpose color and moisturizer and enriched with organic elements such as coconut, beeswax, honeysuckle, and infused with orange essential oils, this lip gloss will leave your lips feeling soft and refreshed.   Did I mention it’s infused with organic orange essential oil? The...
Margot Robbie looking fierce at Golden Globes   Guest Blogger-DW Seydel Feb 3, 2018   Chocolate dipped strawberry  perfume $35 Candy Hearts ❤️ Essential oil roll on fragrance $18 Be My Valentine one time Beauty Box  $24
Guest blogger – Gabby Davis 1.22.2018   “Perfectly pink in every way!” is the only way to describe this Pink Stain lipstick from Colorganics. It’s the perfect shade of pink. Don’t let its brightness fool you, though. It gives your lips that perfect pop of color without making it obvious that you’re wearing lipstick. Wear it to work, a night out, or to the gym. It’s also a great Segway to Spring,...
Guest blogger – Gabby Davis 1.20.2018   Finding that perfect nail polish is tough. Finding the right color, the right brand… and for me, finding one that can only be removed with nail remover instead of everything else, including dish soap. No matter what brand of polish I’ve worn in the past, washing dishes has been my worst enemy. It inevitably leaves my polish chipped and peeling off within...
Guest blogger – Gabby Davis1.20.2018   Give your skin its moisture back this winter with the Honey Oatmeal soap from Good Earth Beauty. Made with all natural ingredients such as organic olive, coconut, and palm oil as well as well Shea butter, goat milk, honey, oatmeal and crushed apricot seeds, your skin is going to love you by the time you’re done! Use it on your face or your body.   It’s...
Guest Blogger- Kala Jerzy 1-20-18   Forget about your New Year’s resolution and detox plans. They never really work because you put too much pressure on yourself and expect miraculous results. What you need is consistent self-care and that little bit of loving kindness. I propose my experiential Kala’s relaxation techniques to stay in a moment. You can put your mind at ease while simultaneously...
Guest Blogger- Kala Jerzy 1-19-18   All right, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Whether you want to beautify yourself or buy something beautiful for your beautiful Valentine, you have to get on it. There’s still time, but just like with love, there can never be enough of that! Also, if that weren’t obvious already, here is my full disclosure: the makeup products listed below are ALL...
Guest blogger – Gabby Davis1.14.18   Confession time: up until today, I have never used a facemask. Never. Not even one of those cute little packets that you can get at any drug store for less than five bucks. I’ve always wanted to try one, though. It always “Oh I want to try that!” but then weeks and months would go by and I think at some point I became afraid to try one. Weird, right? I have...
Guest blogger – Gabby Davis 1-05-2018   Give your nails a coastal, beachy look this year with Sarah Elizabeth non-toxic vegan nail polish. Choose from Peaches which is a peach cream color, Cocoa (a deep chocolate brown with shimmer), Aqua Crème, Ethereal which is light and airy and simple yet beautiful, Sand which is a dark nude, or Storm, which has that perfect grey cloud shade.   Just looking...
Guest Blogger – Gabby Davis 1-03-2018   Give your skin a refreshing scent this year with Good Earth Beauty’s lemongrass body balm. It’s super moisturizing and great for extra dry, chapped skin which is something almost everyone experiences during the winter or are possibly prone to. Made with organic sunflower oil, organic Shea butter, beeswax, organic cocoa butter, organic jojoba oil and...



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