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Managing Dry Skin

With winter approaching, many of us anticipate dealing with dry, itchy skin.  It is important to start moisturizing your skin early in the season, BEFORE it becomes too severe and uncomfortable.  A good daily regimen will do wonders to prevent dry skin from becoming unmanageable.  So how do we do this and maintain our busy schedules? Here are a few suggestions:


Certified Humane

As you know, Good Earth Beauty is a natural shop that sells only products that are not tested on animals.  Personally, I am also very interested in where my food comes, particularly meat and dairy.  There is an organization known as "certified humane" that I am pleased to say does a lot of good in helping consumers make wise choices.  If you see the "certified humane" seal on meat or dairy you can feel confident there is a good organization out there who has checked on the conditions under which the animals are raised..

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A favorite brand of mine - wanted to share some of my personal experiences with some of these products:

Glossy locks shampoo and conditioner - ultra moisturzing and nourishing and smells like the beach! I recommend using at every 3 or 4 shampoos - not everytime - as it does contain coconut oil which can weigh down your hair if overused.  Used correctly it is fabulously moisturizing!!


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